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Sunshine Event Center

The Sunshine Event Center’s large event space is very versatile. Celebrations such as quinceañeras, baby showers, bridal showers, birthday celebrations, graduations, or sports banquet work well in the space.

But the ideas don’t stop there.  Live band events, casino night fundraisers, vendor fairs, business trainings and conventions.

Event Hall Rental

Friday Events (available August 2021)
$750 for 4-hours (Time Frame 7pm-11pm)

Sunday Events
$895 for 5 hours (Time Frame 3pm-8pm)

$1,200 for 4 hours; $1,700 for 6 hours,  $1,975 for 8 hours, $2,500 for 12 hours

* $250 Security Deposit is due for All Event Rentals at the time original contract is recieved.

  • 3,000+ square foot ballroom with presentation stage and reception area
  • 15 – 60″ round tables
  • 6-6′ rectangular tables
  • 100 white folding chairs
  • 75″ HD Smart Tv’s
  • Wireless Projector and 8’x5′ screen
  • Onsite parking
  • Sunshine Event Center Host for length of event
  • Portable speaker (blue tooth, auxiliary and USB capable) with 1 microphone
  • Microwave, Freezer, Refrigerator, Trash Recepticles with liners
  • Restrooms

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many guests can your venue accommodate?

The Sunshine Event Center is able to accommodate up to 100 guests in the large event space.


Currently, The Sunshine Event Center is accepting reservations for events starting May 1, 2021 through the end of 2021.  For events in 2021, our venue capacity is dictated by state mandated regulations.  As Sacramento county moves through the various tiers of the reopening framework we will be able to offer more with our services. 

Guideline for number of guests at a private indoor event occurring in Orange Tier is limited to 50 people. The Yellow Tier allows events up to 100 guest for a celebration or gathering.

Are we able to decorate the space, are linens included?

Absolutely you are able to decorate the event space.  The tables, reception area, columns, stage area, front entrance are all areas that can be decorated.  Decorations that include live flame, such as candles and sparklers are not permitted due to fire code safety. Also, decorations such as glitter, confetti, rose petals, or live christmas trees or garland are beautiful but are a safety hazard and are not allowed in the space.

To affix decorations to the wall decorating tape or command hooks are permitted.  Tacks, staples, tape or putty that will damage the wall are not allowed. Linens and extra tables can be brought into the space, by the client, if needed, but are not provided by The Sunshine Event Center

Is alcohol allowed during our event?

You may serve alcohol at your event. 

The Sunshine Event Center requires all clients to use one of their preferred bartenders for the service of any and all types of alcohol. All bartenders serving alcohol at The Sunshine Event Center must provide a copy of their valid business license and proof of insurance in order to be on the preferred vendors list.  Servers must be able to provide certificate of food and beverage handling at time of event. If you have a bartender you would prefer to use, they must follow the preferred vendors process and be approved by The Sunshine Event Center a minimum of 60 days prior to the client’s event.

If you are selling tickets to your events and serving alcohol or having a cash bar there are additional requirements for the client.  Please discuss this with the Event Manager for all the details. 

All alcohol will stopped being served 30 minutes prior to the close of the event for safety.

When can I come in to set-up for my event? Also, can I drop my items off early?

For all event packages your set-up time and clean up time is included in the rental period.

It is important to know, in order for vendors, family or friends to begin setting up the space, the client or designated representative of the client must be in the facility at all times. Equipment needing to be dropped off must be done within this window of time.  The Sunshine Event Center staff can not accept equipment on your behalf and is unable to store it in the facility before or after the event.

What is required of the client at the end of the event?

Clean-up is the CLIENTs responsibility. CLIENTs are required to place all trash in provided receptacles, pick up any large debris on ballroom floor, stage, reception area and bathroom. Remove all decorations. Remove adhesives from walls, columns or banisters.  Take out all linens, food items, and outside rented items from facility. Parking lot must be free of cigarette butts, event decorations and beverage and food containers.

Once the clean-up is complete and the vendors have left, the closing event staff will do a final walk through the space with you to make sure nothing was left behind.

Damages: The Sunshine Event Center is well taken care of. You will be responsible for paying for any damage to walls, floors, counters, decorative columns, stage, etc. Absolutely no tape, tacks, staples, rice, birdseed or confetti is permitted on the premises. Real rose petals are only allowed outside and silk rose petals are only allowed inside. If you use bubbles, be aware that too many bubbles will cause slippery floors that will be dangerous for your guests. Only Flameless – Candles are allowed. Confetti and glitter are not allowed at The Sunshine Event Center.   If brought in, picking up glitter and confetti inside or outside the event center will be the responsibility of the Lessee.  If it is not completely picked up, the Lessee will be charged $150.00 per hour for our staff to do the job (minimum of 2 hours will be charged) 

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